Thalmont's Brotherhood Outpost
Location Type: Human Settlement
Located at: Thalmont
Available Quests: A paid murder, Check up on the guard's brother, Six Feet Under

Thalmont's Brotherhood Outpost is the most northwestern settlement in Thalmont. The gates aren't locked unless you have spoken with Tidar Shog (regardless if you accept his quest or not). In which case, Orm Munhin stands guard.

Note: You should accept Check up on the guard's brother before approaching Ilon Kircer for Six Feet Under.


  • White dot is a Brotherhood merchant.
  • Orange dots are Brotherhood trainers.

Brotherhood's Outpost Map

  1. Border Teleport
  2. Thalga Cave
  3. Tidar Shog
  4. Orm Munhin
  5. Eskel Oldrot
  6. Ilon Kircer
  7. Toten Lokan
  8. Dragon Scale

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