The Broken Teleport
Given By Ghortarius
Prerequisites Complete The Prophet
Objective Find and return the Heart of the Teleport
Rewards: Starts The Tower of Fangs

This quest disappears from the quest log upon completion.


The stabilizing stone may be somewhere near the old teleport site, at the north end of the island.

Exit the Alsorna Interiors and cross the stone bridge. Follow the path to the the right and you will run into two Groms straight ahead. Dispatch them, loot their corpses, and you should have found the Heart of the Teleport.

Deliever the stone to Ghortarius.

Return to Ghortarius to complete the quest.

Sometimes there is a glitch where the Body you need to loot is not there but under the bridge in the water. If its there you need to start all over its happened to me.

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