The Delivery
Given By Reesa
Prerequisites Complete The Package
Objective Delivery the Package then return to Basel
Rewards: 2,000 Auras, Sorcery Artisan Skillbook, starts The Elimination Job and Valarin's Informant - the Murders


Taking the package directly to the client, now... a priest at Hatmandor's temple. Reesa told me to use the eastern wall.

Head back to Hatmandor either via running or your Teleport Stone. Go north until you reach the massive temple. On the other temple side of the fence, go around the east side of the temple to a door to meet the priest.

Delivered the package to the temple priest. Should return to Under the Influence and report in. There were no surprises this time, so I'm confident Basel will be more willing to talk.

Return to Basel at Under the Influence to complete the quest.

Made Basel's delivery. Some priests in this town aren't as saintly as they'd lead us to believe. Well, to each his own. Basel kept his promise and told me everything I wanted to know, except about the Tower of Fangs. One last job and he may reconsider.

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