The Last Crusade
Objective Follow the Visions
Rewards: Holey grail, Masters Finger

The Last Crusade, is a quest in, Two Worlds II, that can only be activated after finishing, Video Ergo Sum. the quest is activated when the hero sees a vision through the oculus about a son and his father searching for an ancient treasure, as they pursue it to a nearby cave. the hero can either follow the path to the cave or be on his way to, Old Ashos.


This quest is added upon seeing a vision that shows a father and a son discovering a cave, and praising the arrival. After entering the cave and killing several stingers and alpha stingers, another vision occurs. It shows the father and the son discovering a breeze that is called the Breath of God. After you have activated this vision the quest log will show:

{{Quote Text|Saw them again. From what I've learned they were about to face three trials. The first was in the corridor, where I saw them. They mentioned a clue... "when you face the breath of gods, only the penitent man will pass."

Trial of PatienceEdit

  • Optional: As you are facing the corridor of lightning, check behind you (West) and look down that corridor to find a chest with a quest item you will need later on. This will save you having to back track.

To complete this trial, you must sneak through the corridor to prevent triggering an electrical magic trap.

The third vision shows the father and the son reaching the second trial, were they discuss how to complete the trial.

Second TrialEdit

This trial requires that you have picked up an old piece of parchment. This parchment is found in a coffin in a corridor before the first trial. The picture on the parchment will show you the path required to complete the trial.

A fourth vision shows the father and the son reaching the third trial, the trial of intelligence.

Trial of InteligenceEdit

This trial takes the form of a quiz. The correct answers are (in order): a casket, a star, and a wave.

After you have killed a few beasts and made your way towards the end, you will find a coffin with a statue of a body on top. If you search this coffin you will find Holey Grail.



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