The Package
Given By Basel
Prerequisites Complete The Escort
Objective Speak with Reesa
Rewards: Starts The Delivery

This quest disappears from the quest log upon completion.


Basel's offered me another job. I have to speak with a barmaid named Reesa at Under the Influence for the details.

On your way out from speaking with Basel, you will see Reesa (dressed in red) sitting straight ahead when you would normally take the stairs down to the right. Speak with her.

The assignment Reesa told me about doesn't seem too hard. Just have to retrieve a package. Reesa marked the cache on my map.

Head south of Hatmandor, then east through a gate, and continue east through another gate. Alternatively, teleport to "Hatmandor Purlieus" and head through the gate to the east. Now head south to where Ranzin is marked on the map and give him the password, "You don't want to know." Enter the cache, grab the Distraction Arrow Skillbook off the shelf and the Package out of the unlocked chest.

Found the package Basel sent me for. Should head back with it.

Leave the cache room and approach Ressa to complete the quest.

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