Meet the "Prophet." This quests stops and starts many times.

This quest disappears from the quest log everytime it is completed.


The Prophet
Given By Rodgor
Prerequisites Complete The Rescue
Objective Speak with Dar Pha
Rewards: Unlocks Left behind

Moment of truth. I've been wondering if I'd get the chance to meet this Prophet.

Follow Dar Pha up the stone stairs and speak with her. Ghortarius will try to construct a bridge but discovers he can't. He then teleports you to an underground chamber.

Unmarked QuestEdit

At this point, there are no active quests. This portion of the game serves as the magic tutorial. First, you must kill three Necris using your staff. Then you must stand in the pentagram at the end of the hallway and use the area-effect spell of the staff to kill many Necris that spawn around you. Ghortarius will then spawn just outside the pentagram and gives you the Left behind quest.

Walkthrough ResumesEdit

The Prophet
The Prophet-Ghortarius
Given By Ghortarius
Prerequisites Complete Left behind
Objective Speak with the Prophet
Rewards: Unlocks Dar Pha (quest)

Ghortarius raised the bridge to the Prophet's chamber. It's now or never.

Cross the bridge to the Prophet's Chamber and watch the cutscene.

Walkthrough Resumes, AgainEdit

The Prophet
Given By Sokaris
Prerequisites Complete Sokaris (quest)
Objective Speak with the Prophet
Rewards: Teleport Stone, starts Find Ghortarius

The Prophet should be able to give me the answers I need.

You will encounter Ghortarius on your way to Cassara. Ghortarius gives you a Teleport Stone and Cassara points you to your next quest.

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