The Swallows is a location in Two Worlds II. It is a devastated land near New Ashos. The land is twisted and mangled, and evil permeates every crevice, while the inhabitants are just as twisted and corrupted. Some buildings still miraculously exist. Many deadly creatures mutated by the dark magic live and thrive there, preying on all. The sky is permanently dark, and there are small green fissures all over the ground. The Swallows were created by a wayward experiment on Verita crystals gone wrong by a certain wizard in his youth two decades ago. So far, only the Scavengers or Seers dare venture into those cursed lands.

The deadly creatures that lurk in The Swallows include Vidons, which resemble corrupted humans, Leraphs, which look like floating dragon heads with tentacles, Tailers, Ungodly Colussus, and Gargoyles.

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