Two Worlds: The Temptation Edit

Two Worlds: The Temptation was a planned sequel to the original Two Worlds, which was planned to be released some time during 2009. 


Two Worlds: The Temptation official logo before it was cancelled.

There are no complete versions of the game, as it never went past the Alpha stages. However, there are some videos online showing brief gameplay of the the game. 


In the video provided by, the game shows some improvements to the game. Some of them being;   *Updated Graphics

  • New in-game HUD
  • Updated in-game radar/mini-map
  • Ability to walk
  • New tropical environments
  • Realistic jumps
  • Detailed environments
  • Better frame-rate
  • Higher detail on magical items (Teleport).
    Two Worlds The Temptation - Pre-alpha build gameplay demonstration-101:15

    Two Worlds The Temptation - Pre-alpha build gameplay demonstration-1

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