The Two Worlds Main-Menu Features Consist of;Edit

  • Start New Game, which allows you to create a new character and begin playing the game.
  • Continue Game, which allows you to load a saved data and continue playing the game.
  • Xbox LIVE, which allows you to create a multiplayer character and play online with your friends in various game-modes.
  • Controls, which allows you to view the controls assigned to an on-screen Xbox 360 controller.
  • Settings, which allows you to customise your game experience by changing the visual display, changing the audio levels of the game and allowing you to play/stop the soundtrack from playing.
  • Exit, which takes you to your Desktop or Xbox 360 Dashboard.

Screenshots Of The Menus;Edit

IMG 0624

Controller sub-menu.

IMG 0625

In-game video options.

IMG 0626

In-game Sound options.

IMG 0627

In-game credits.

IMG 0623

The Two Worlds main-menu.

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