Multiplayer is a completely different story compared to single player. It is the time in which the main hero has been imprisoned by Gandohar, this is so that no cheats or glitches can be used to benefit when using characters on Xbox Live or over the PlayStation Network. The system link has been disabled for the very same reason. Multiplayer profiles are completly separate and will be a different character and a different story so Ranked Matches will take the player head to head versus other Xbox Live or PlayStation 3 players in a duel format (depending on which system is used).

Create a MatchEdit

This mode allows the player to host a game & set parameters as you wish, which include Adventure, Village Mode, Deathmatch, Duel, and Crystal Capture. 

Village ModeEdit

Village mode becomes available when an online character accumulates 10,000 Auras and Village is selected from the main menu.

The player is greeted by an AI assistant and led through the first few steps of creating a village. They are required to create a meat market, a shop and a guard shack.

The player is given a house from the beginning. Inside the house is a chest where items can be stored to save or share with other characters.

There are many empty lots in the village where various buildings can be built. Once a building is built the player can spend more Auras to upgrade them.

Owning a village involves more than just creating buildings, the player will also be required to maintain some level of morale for the villagers. To do this they will be given various types of quests to accomplish. The first quest recieved is a random encounter, usually involving basic combat.

Source of IncomeEdit

Once the player has built up certain buildings their village will start to produce Auras. They will be paid every 6 in-game hours (6 minutes in real time); however, when the player are logged out of the Village, money will accumulate every 6 hours real time. The Auras are available from the Village Charter, which allows transfer of auras between the character and the village.

The village has a limit to how much gold it can store for you so the player should be sure to check in often, withdraw money, and store it on a character or in a chest.

Building your villageEdit

  • In the village mode, there are chests around the whole map. For where they are visit here
  • Ranch - Produces meat. (Building Cost: 2000, Upgrade Cost: 6000)
  • Farm - Produces grain for windmills. (Building cost: 3000, Upgrade cost: 9000)
  • Shop - Allows trade commerce, necessary for all villages. (Building Cost:3500, Upgrade cost: 10500)
  • Guardhouse - Increases village safety and morale. (Building cost: 2000, Upkeep cost: 300, Upgrade cost: 6000)
  • Windmill - Produces bread using farmed grain. (Building cost: 5000, Upgrade cost: 15000)
  • Tavern - Increases village morale. (Bulding cost: 5000, Upgrade cost: 15000)
  • Forge - Produces armor, weaponry, and traps. (Building cost: 5000, Upkeep cost: 1000, Upgrade cost: 15000
  • Quartermaster Workshop - Produces bows and quivers. (Building cost: 5000, Upkeep cost: 1000, Upgrade cost: unknown)
  • Temple - Produces potions. (Building Cost: 10000, Upkeep cost: 1000, Upgrade cost: 30000)
  • Mage Tower - Produces explosives and crystals. Crystal mine required for crystal refining. (Building cost: 15000, Upkeep cost: 1000 Upgrade cost: 30,000)
  • Hazel Grove - Enables craftsmen to produce advanced bows. Quartermaster Workshop required. Cannot be upgraded. (Building cost: 15000, Upkeep cost: 3000)
  • Herb Plantation - Enables Monks to produce advanced potions, Temple required. Cannot be upgraded. (Building cost: 15000, Upkeep cost: 3000)

Crystal CaptureEdit

This mode allows the player to play against one person or with a team to collect crystals. Fighting is allowed between teams. After death, the player is spawned back after a brief delay.

Blue CrystalsEdit

Blue crystals are how a team aquires points. If either team aquires all of the blue crystals in a group of crystals they will get bonus points that vary depending on the amount of blue crystals in that group.


Skulls make all crystals in a group disappear.

Green CrystalsEdit

Green crystals will change skulls with crystals and crystals with skulls, in a group of crystals.


- A bug can occur to a player owned village if they leave during the beginning of the tutorial. If the player leaves the village at the beginning of the tutorial and comes back to their village later they will not be able build anything, be able to talk to the village advisor, or interact with anything besides their house and house chest.

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