This is a collaborative walkthrough for Two Worlds II. Please add any missing information to any section and/or correct any errors that you find. Only quests required to complete the plot are listed here.

Prologue: Prison BreakoutEdit

  1. Jail Break - Escape from Castle Vahkmaar.


  1. The Rescue - Reach the orc camp on Alsorna.
  2. The Prophet - Speak with Dar Pha.
  3. Left behind - Escape from the underground tunnels.
  4. The Prophet - Meet Cassara.
  5. Dar Pha - Dar Pha gives you a tour.
  6. A Place To Stay - Check out your new quarters.
  7. Sokaris - Meet Sokaris, the blacksmith.
  8. The Prophet - Meet Cassara again.
  9. Find Ghortarius - Teleport to Ghortarius' Chamber.
  10. The Broken Teleport - Find and return the Heart of the Teleport.
  11. The Tower of Fangs - Speak with Ghortarius and get teleported to Bayan.

Chapter I: Steps to the TowerEdit

  1. Desertgate - The Hero must get past the large gate near Bayan.
  2. Getting to Hatmandor - The Hero must assist Gart Valarin, the Commander of Guard, in order to gain entry to Hatmandor.
  3. Inside Man - Speak with Basel in Under the Influence tavern.
  4. The Escort - Basel wants you to oversee a transaction carried out by Old Yerske.
  5. The Package - Get the Package from the cache.
  6. The Delivery - Deliver the Package to a priest.
  7. The Elimination Job - Basel wants Jarrad dead.
  8. Captain - Speak with the "Captain," the rebel leader.
  9. Old wounds - Rescue Harlef from Gorlag for the Captain.
  10. The Society Mages Guild Master - Meet with Master Dattan, the Society Mages Guild master.
  11. Belly of the Beast - The Hero must retrieve a Dragon Fang for a ritual.
  12. Crystal Army - Observe the formation of a Verita golem army.
  13. Tower of Fangs - Retrieve Gandohar's Journal for Cassara.

Chapter II: Past PresentEdit

  1. "Name's David..." - David requests a favor before telling you where to go next.
  2. Dr. Annaya - Speak with Dr. Annaya in the Veneficus University Great Hall.
  3. Blood For A Stone - Failable. Restore Dr. Lavarius' memory.
  4. Into The Lion's Mouth - Meet with Lawrence Lexington at The Lion.
  5. Sammy The Bull - Pay a visit to Sammy Mangano in order to get a membership card to The Lion.
  6. The Specialist - Sammy Mangano is already dead, killed by the Specialist.
  7. A Card-Carrying Member - Finally meet with the person you came to New Ashos for, Professor Kaineth.
  8. Video Ergo Sum - Gain access to the Swallows and "The Sight."
  9. Shadows From The Past - Learn how the Swallows were formed and about Gandohar.
  10. On the way to Swamps - Speak with Cassara.

Chapter III: The Bane of Tir GaelEdit

  1. Into the Swamp - Find Tir Gael. Note: Once you teleport to the swamps, you can't leave.
  2. First Encounters - Meet Aidan.
  3. Aidan's Amulet - Father Garadel, the priest, orders the Hero to get Aidan's Amulet but Aidan refuses.
  4. Culainn the Blacksmith - Head towards Culainn near a pond behind the blacksmithy.
  5. The Rescue - Save Culainn from an Undead attack.
  6. Crow's Puddle - Reach the Crow's Puddle. It is south of Tir Gael.
  7. The Sunken Spire - Find the spire.
  8. The Cursed Crypt - Reattaching the spire causes the Ultimate Undead to spawn.
  9. The Cemetary Creature - Kill the Ultimate Undead.
  10. The Creature's Amulet - Take the amulet off the Ultimate Undead corpse.
  11. The Priest and the Amulet - Bring the amulet back to Father Garadel.
  12. Witch Hunt - Kill or speak with Nalia, the witch.
  13. The Demon - Slay Garadel's True Form and take its heart.

Chapter IV: Pieces Falling Into PlaceEdit

  1. Whatever It Takes - Assault Castle Vahkmaar.


  1. Tomorrow - The Hero is free to do whatever.

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