The Hero

Just as a quick note, this summary is under the assumption that the Hero (1) sides with the Karga Clan when he is looking fr the Relic Frame, and also kills Ebrat Skelden, that (2) he uses the tunnel dug by the Orcs to sneak into the King's Tomb , that (3) he uses the Orc Camoflage to sneak into Gor Gammar, that (4) he completes the Blacksmith questline to sneak into the Ashos temple, and that (5) he unlocks the good ending, defeating the Grand Enemy.

The Hero is the main protaginist of Two Worlds. His story kicks off when his sister, Kyra, after having been wounded disappears under mysterious circumstances. The Hero, a mercenary, searches to the furthest reaches of Antaloor for her, but doesn't recieve any clue about her whereabouts until many months later. The Hero recieves a letter, telling him to go into the mountainous, northern province of Thalmont. Luckily, he has also heard of a job in the village of Komorin, which is on his route, so he sets off on his route again...

The village elder of Komorin asks the Hero to investigate the disappearance of a number of villagers into Throglin's Temple. The Hero goes into the temple, and finds two young Groms. He dispatches them, and walks outside, collecting his Gold from Tago. Tago tells the Hero that a band of warriors were asking for him down at the village, and that one of them had stayed behind to meet him.

Our Hero travels back down to Komorin, and meets Gandohar, a heavily-clad warrior that tells him to meet his Master at Goat's Cave, to the east. The Hero travels there, and meets Reist Tungard, Gandohar's master. The Hero initially refuses Reist's requests, but Reist tells him to speak with Gandohar when he has come to his senses. The Hero goes off and trains for some time, and eventually, talks to Gandohar.

Gandohar tells the Hero about how he cares for Kyra, and how he owes her something. Gandohar tells the Hero to go to the nearby Thalmont Node, so that he can connect with his sister's mind. The Hero goes there and converses with Kyra, and she asks him to go to a second Node, just south of the Earth Claw Tower. The Hero talks to Gandohar, who tells him to meet with Reist in Goat Cave. Resit asks the Hero to complete the ritual to unlock Aziraal's tomb. The Hero says that he will do so under one condition. The ritual must take place in Qudinar, as the Hero plans to destroy the Relic in the dwarven furnace there.

Our Hero travels to the second Node, and connects with his sister's mind once again and she tells him to go to the Southern Node, so that they can connect a third time. But, before he does this he decides to find the Relic Frame, and talk to Ho, whom Gandohar said has more knowledge of the Relic. The Hero sets off for the Karga Clan camp, up in Thalmont's north-western mountains.

The gatekeeper lets the Hero into the camp, due to some small reputation with the Clan Karga, but before he can meet with Ultar Karga he must gain the trust of the Clan first. So the Hero completes a number of quests in the Camp, doing things such as supplying the camp with Health Potions, killing a traitor to the camp (Who ends up already being dead) and collecting evidence of House Skelden's corruption.

When the Hero feels that the Clan members trust him enough, he can try to talk to Ultar Karga. He approaches Ultar's house, but the guard turns him away, telling him to talk to Cahal Karga, Ultar's son, if he wants to talk to their leader. The Hero speaks with Cahal, who grants him access to Ultar's quarters. What Ultar wants is for the Hero to find evidence of the Skelden's corruption. This can be done by breaking into Sano Moon's house at the Excavations, and stealing the item labelled counterfeit.

But, when the Hero exits the house, Cahal approaches him. Cahal asks the Hero to kill Ebrat Skelden, stating that it is a matter of Clan honour. The Hero agrees to do so, but only in exchange for a large sum of Gold. The Hero sets off for the Excavations, and thanks to a small amount of reputation with House Skelden is able to enter the Excavations. The Hero does a number of Quests for them, like exterminating a pack of Wolves, stealing the Grom Totem Poles, and getting a package back from the Karga Clan.

Once the Hero has done enough, he confronts Ebrat Skelden. Skelden tells the Hero to choose between the two factions, and the Hero, having chose the Karga Clan, murders Ebrat. The Hero then rushes over to Sano Moon's house, collects the evidence of their corruption, and uickly returns to the Karga Camp. hen the Hero arrives back, he is greeted as a Hero. Ultar tells him that he can choose something from the Treasury, and Cahal gives the Hero the Gold promised to him.

By doing this, the Hero has acquired the Relic Frame.

Earth Element

Earth Element

Ho, the man that told the Hero more about the relic has given him the location of each of the Relic Stones. The hero sets out for Windbreak, and there meets Captain Ron Hagrad of the Cathalonian army. The captain has the Hero do two tasks for him, and then tells him where to find the vicious Orc leader, White Head. The Hero meets with White Head, who wants him to send a message to the Captain. The Hero does so, and after doing this, White Head lets the Hero use their passage into the King's Tomb. Nevertheless, the Hero encounters many Skeletons doing so, but eventually, grabs the Earth Element, and escapes the Tomb.

Next, the Hero sets out for the Drak`ar Desert to learn more about the Air Element. In doing so, he arrives at the small settlement of Xanthos, and when he asks the locals about the subject, they tell him to go talk to the Dragon Whisperer. The Hero travels to the east, and does so. Tne Dragon Whisperer tells him the story of the Albino Dragon, and asks the Hero to go find where this Dragon is keeping the eggs of the other ones.

Air Element

Air Element

The Hero travels to the Dead Forest, to the south, and finds the Dragon Eggs and along with them, the Air Element. The Hero reports back to the Dragon Whisperer, and tells him about the eggs, hidden in the White Dragon's nest in the Dead Forest. The Hero then sets out for Gor Gammar, so he can gain the Fire Element.

But, before setting out for Gor Gammar, thet Hero must find a way to get into the city, without having to fight through hordes of Orcs. The Hero travels to Cathalon, and asks an army blacksmith to make him some Orc Camoflage armour. The blacksmith refuses initially, stating that he needs an order from a soldier, and the Hero buys an order from a nearby, corrupt, soldier. Doing this, he gets the armour, and sets out for Gor Gammar, but before Gor Gammar, he stops at the Southern Node, and converses with Kyra one last time.

Fire Element

Fire Element

The Hero arrives at Gor Gammar, and just as the Orcs come into sight, equips the camoflage. He tries to enter the main gates, but finding them locked, moves around to the eastern side of the city wall, and enters an underground passage into the city. The Hero approaches the Fire Element, trying not to draw attention to himself, grabs it, and makes a hasty retreat into the wilderness surrounding the Orc city. He travels far away, into a more hospitable area, tears off the camoflage, and rests.

To be continued in future edits.