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    Possible Spoilers and definite rambling ahead.

    Is Two Worlds 2 set on the other side of the planet or did Gandohar just decide to wipe out all civilization on the mainland and turn it into a toxic wasteland for the lulz? Is the the second of the eponymous two worlds? Both of these games drop so many story threads and plot hooks it isn't even funny, both of them felt like different authors contributed a small portion without consulting each other, and then all quit part way through.

    • What happened to the Paladins?
    • What happened to the Flame?
    • Why don't we ever get to have any meaningful interaction with Dwarves, or even see an Elf?
    • Was there ever any kind of villainous organization or was it just Gandohar and Reist screwing around?
    • Why does nobody …
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