Vespines are giant wasps that have been affected by exposure to Verita. They come in three primary varities: Blighted Vespine, Vespine Guardian, and Vespine Queen.

Blighted VespineEdit

Blighted Vespine is a Verita-imbued insect and a close relative to Giant Wasps. B.V. appear nearby Vespine Queens and are generally faster and more agile than their matriarch. As with all insectoids, bludgeoning and magical damage will probably be most effective.

Blighted vespine

Vespine GuardianEdit

Guardians are virtually the same as the Blighted variety but have more hit points and deal more damage.

Vespine QueenEdit

Unlike the Blighted and Guardian varieties, the Queen are not vulnerable to weapons. They also have a substantial amount of hit points compared to the other types. Magic is likely to be the most effective way to kill them.

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