What's behind that door?
Given By Rogdor
Prerequisites The Payback

An Alsorna side quest in Two Worlds II. The player is given a key as a reward from Rogdor for completing the quest The Payback. He gives you a key with the quest log saying "I received a key, with which I am supposed to open locked doors in some dungeons. Well, let's find out where they are...". The quest directs the player to a cave along the shore line North of the Old Cart Workshop, Northeast of Bayan, or West of Halhin. The door to the cave is facing towards the sea.


  • Icon Xbox360 Icon PS3 Currently this quest is bugged, since the entrance to the cavern is perma-locked, and the key is only usable inside the cave. Also, Rodgor will repeat the same response after accepting this quest for the remainder of the game. Expected to be fixed with the next patch.

Do not do this quest when you get the key. I was 16 hrs into the game and opened the door, killed all the Dead Kights and Necris, and could'nt get back out. The exit door opens onto a brick wall....that's it.

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