Two Worlds Creature
White Dragon
Drops: Dragon Scale

The White Dragon, or, as sometimes refered to, "Great White One". is the stuff of legend, passed down from generation to generation. Rarely seen, or rather those who have seen it haven't lived to tell of it, it has remained elusive to other dragons for thousands of years.

The White Dragon, is the infamous dragon located in the Drak'ar Desert. His nest is located south of the desert in the, Dead Forest. the Dead Forest, is south of the desert and east of Gor Gammar. The White Dragon is mythed to be the reason for all of the eggs from the other dragons disappearance.

You fight the White Dragon as a quest from the Dragon Whisperer. You will have to find the White Dragon's nest to continue. He will tell the dragons the location of the White Dragon, and from here you can go see the fight if you would wish. When you arrive, you will see two Sand Dragons (They will be friendly) attacking the White Dragon.

The White Dragon's remains contain a scale.


  • Although he appears so, the dragon is not wingless. His wings were only torn off his body, this is because the other dragons wanted to keep him from getting to their nests. The dragon's nest are high up, so it keeps him from getting the eggs.
  • The White Dragon uses jackals as his minions to climb up and get the others' eggs for him.

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